Alleviate Your Stress by Practicing Feng Shui


In order to harmonize an individual to his or her surroundings, there was a practice in the past of the orient named feng shui and this uses some form of energy forces. This system is used as a way of bringing balance and harmony into a home and its surroundings which will in turn bring harmony and balance of the occupants.  In the Western society, the technique is not still acceptable as a cure for stress and anxiety, but in China, many people are sold to the fact that this is the technique that can give health to a person’s body and mind.

The name feng shui actually means wind and water, although some may relate the sound of the name like that of a dish. The symbols of wind and water have been long considered by the Chinese as that of good health and well-being. Just like the term chi in the philosophy of Reiki, those who are familiar with this idea would say that it works with energy, and that feng shui do follow this same philosophy and goes in accepting that everything is filled with chi.

Let us present some Mystical Breath guidelines below that will help you get started and practice feng shui so that there will be balance and harmony in your home and in your life.

Bringing in the outdoors to the indoors is your first guideline in practicing feng shui. A soothing and relaxing environment in a home is the key objective of feng shui, and this can be done by creating an open space, using of nature in harmony with the surroundings, and use of plants to give a relaxed, clean and healthy atmosphere. For more ideas about fitness, visit

The next thing to know about Mystical Breath feng shui is that it recognizes colors to represent various moods. Examples of these colors are blue for the promotion of relaxation and harmonious environment, and another is red for the promotion and enhancement of chi or energy.

The next feng shui technique that you can start with is to introduce scents into the surroundings of your home. This concept of aromatherapy is a common practice in feng shui that serves to bring in balance in one’s surroundings, and will help create an environment that is relaxed and harmonious that is believed to lift the spirits of the occupants and change their moods.

If you have a cluttered home, you are limiting the possibility of creating a relaxed ambiance, and so it is good to arrange your things to create an open space, and this is another tip when you want to practice feng shui.

You can see therefore that it is all about your environment when you practice feng shui, with the goal of creating the right atmosphere that will be the way of alleviating stress and promoting state of mind that is healthy.


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